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Is procrastination your friend?

Try a huge task and you might get overwhelmed, even if you are very experienced and organized. This may prevent you to start this type of tasks. A granular breakdown tactic, which is leading to smaller, better manageable tasks, can help team leaders and their team getting a way more efficient. Smaller tasks are more understandable and will be tackled faster. Also there’s an earlier chance for a feeling of productivity after a task is completed.

Clearing next steps with importance is focussing

Creating tasks without setting precise priorities is a big chance to start with the wrong task first. Defining a clear principe of first things first and describing precisely what to do and what the next step will be is reducing the resistance level enormous. Also the sense and importance behind a task is an important factor for team members. The team must realize how meaningful  their work is, to make them fell valued. There is no better motivator than a decent portion of responsibility and it also can inspire to achieve more.

Welcome to the next interruption

It’s hard to get on the wagon, and easy to get off the wagen (David Allen). Interruptions at work are unavoidable. According to a study of CUBESMART … We’re experiencing on average, one interruption every 8 minutes. Thats about 50-60 interruptions is an 8 hour day. Most interruptions take approximately 5-15 minutes. If you receive 50 interruptions daily and each takes 10 minutes, that totals 500 minutes, which is 8 hours per day … WHAT? When will I get my work done? … Interruptions at work are unavoidable. An interruption requires immediate attention and action and most of us allow and even encourage interruptions to take place and to take precedence over other tasks. We often respond quickly to these interruptions, as it gives us a feeling of closure, knowing we may not have to address this issue in the immediate future.

So, the worst thing about getting interrupted is that it’s hard to get back on the wagon? There are existing several methods and countless tools for getting back on track. But how is this working in practice?
Let’s find out how this can work.

Tell me, what’s your secret weapon for getting on track while fighting against procrastination?